We stock a comprehensive range of stainless steel and galvanised chain and associated accessories for sail and power boats and general purposes.

We also stock a range of anchor ropes and provide a broad range of splicing services to suit. For more information visit our Ropes and Splicing page.

  • Stainless steel chain – constructed from 316 marine grade stainless steel this chain has a higher resistance to corrosion which is ideal for the marine environment and is stocked in sizes from 2 mm to 10 mm.
  • PWB anchor grade L chain – is a galvanised steel chain that is commonly used for moorings and anchor chain. It meets Australian standard AS 2321 making it suitable for some non-marine lifting rig applications. We stock size 6 mm to 13 mm.
  • Regular link galvanised chain – is a cost effective general purpose chain used for mooring lines and pen weights. We stock 6 mm to 13 mm.
  • Anchors – we stock a wide range of anchors including Delta, folding grapnel, sand, reef, sea, admiralty, claw and plough anchors. For more information see our Anchors and Mooring page.
  • Chain counters – we supply chain counters from basic panel mounted models through to wireless controls.
  • Chain markers – are coloured plastic inserts placed into the chain link at preferred intervals to indicate the length of chain.
  • Monel wire – is made from nickel and copper and is highly resistant to salt water, making it ideal for mousing shackles.
  • We also stock a range of shackles, swivels, thimbles and much more.

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