Our range of lighting products are designed for durability and reliability for all areas on sailing and power boats. We stock a range of incandescent, LED and fluorescent lights from brands including Hella, Lalizas, Aquasignal, Perko, AAA, RWB Marine, Jabsco, Hobbs and Sanshin. We also stock a range of accessories such as globes, fuses, switches, terminals, waterproof plugs, sockets and cable ties.

In addition to commercial and pleasure vessels we also supply lighting to a broad range of non-marine industries including the civil construction, mining and petroleum, residential and agricultural sectors. No matter the complexity or nature of your project we would like to help.

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As an authorised Hella stockist we also supply:

  • LED Navigation Lights – Hella LED navigation lights are designed for reliability, durability and high visibility. NaviLED consume 10% of the power of a traditional globe and are suited for port, starboard, stern, masthead and bicolour lamps.
  • Incandescent Bulb Navigation Lights – we supply a range of incandescent bulb navigation lights, including anchor lamps with pole extensions.
  • LED Deck Floodlights – high visibility deck floodlights consume up to 30% less power than incandescent equivalents. We supply LED module 70 lamps, LED Mega Beam, LED Sea Hawk (XL) and AS 5000 LED series. 
  • Xenon and Halogen Deck Floodlights – Xenon gas lamps creates light through arcing within a sealed inert gas bulb which last five times longer than filament bulbs. These floodlights produce over twice the light output while using less power when compared to equivalent halogen lights. We also supply a wide range of halogen spotlights, floodlights and masthead lights.
  • LED Interior/Exterior Lighting – Hella produces a range of LED interior/exterior lights with varying colour, style and warmth characteristics and we supply ranges including Ponui, Tiri, SpotLED, Rakino, EuroLED, Waiheke and DuraLed (12, 20, 36 and 50) lights.