We have Perth's largest retail range of sailing and general purpose ropes from low-cost polypropylene through to high performance Dyneema (Spectra), for use in boating applications and a wide range of commercial activities.

We stock a variety of synthetic and natural fibre ropes, cords and twines to suit differing functional and aesthetic needs. Fibres include polypropylene, polyethlene, polyester, nylon, Dyneema/Spectra, sisal and manila and some ropes with a combination of these fibres. As well as different fibres, the products come in different constructions; the most popular being laid, plaited and braided and we stock premium yacht brands including FSE Robline, Marlow, Liros, New England and Lanex.

Rope Types

  • Uncovered Dyneema/Spectra – is a high performance rope due to its increased strength, light weight and very low stretch. It also floats, is UV resistant and has a strength to weight ratio significantly higher than steel. On sailing yachts, Dyneema/Spectra now replaces wire in many standing and running rigging applications and on power boats it is popular for davits and cranes.
  • Covered Dyneema/Spectra – is widely used in sailing, commercial and industrial applications. It has a braided Dyneema/Spectra core with a braided polyester cover to improve durability and facilitate use on yacht winches and capstans. Our 1.7mm Dyneema is also ideal for spearfishing.
  • Polyethylene Staple or Silver – is a popular general purpose rope due to its abrasion resistance, UV resistance and cost effectiveness. It is ideal for mooring, anchor and pen lines and we stock sizes 6 mm to 32 mm.
  • Polyester – is strong, abrasive resistant and has low stretch. The braided polyester is ideal for halyards, sheets, purchase systems and a wide range of other uses where its appearance and characteristics are desired. Our laid polyester rope is ideal for boat docklines and fender lines. We stock a wide range of 3 strand and braided polyester in a variety of colours and sizes 4 mm to 24 mm.
  • Nylon – is strong, durable and abrasion resistant with the added benefit of extra stretch which makes it ideal for boat anchoring and towing lines. We stock sizes 12 mm to 24 mm.
  • Polypropylene – is the most economical of our range and its low cost makes it ideal for cray and crab pots.
  • Manila (Manilla)/Sisal – are natural fibres produced from manila hemp and sisal hemp. Manila/sisal are popular due to their traditional look and feel with the benefit of lower flammability compared to synthetic ropes. Manila/Sisal are very popular for home, commercial design purposes and some commercial offshore applications.
  • Synthetic “Natural” Fibre – looks like manila and sisal fibre rope but it has extra strength, durability and more desirable handling characteristics. FSE Robline “Classic Tex” is a good example. The strength and softer feel of this rope makes it ideal for children’s play swings, rope ladders and cubby houses.    

Rope Splicing

Splicing evolved to terminate or join the ends of a rope. The type of splice employed is determined by the user’s requirements and the type of rope being spliced. A ropes strength is less diminished by splicing than knotting and the finished appearance is often preferred. Common splicing techniques include:

  • Back or end splice – used to finish the end of a rope.
  • Eye splice – used to place a loop or thimble in the end of a rope.
  • Short splice – used to join two ropes or the two ends of the same rope.

We perform all of our splicing in-house and custom-make lines to suit your requirements or specifications. We also stock a range of splicing accessories including:

  • 240V hot knives
  • Sailmakers palms and needles
  • Swedish and braidline splicing fids

We would be pleased to advise you on the best rope for your job - feel free to contact us on (08) 9430 6766.